[Infographic] 6 Benefits of a CO2/NH3 Cascade System

CO2/NH3 cascade systems offer food processors a practical way to increase efficiency. By using two centralized refrigeration systems working in unison to provide cooling temperatures, they maximize the effect of carbon dioxide and ammonia. The high-temperature system pulls heat away from the low-temperature system, which in turn uses recirculated liquid to cool the evaporators.

Cascade systems that use CO2 as a secondary refrigerant offer unique advantages. Carbon dioxide is nontoxic and nonflammable, and is also less likely to damage food products in the event of a release. For food plant owners, CO2/NH3 cascade systems offer six key benefits, which are detailed below.

[Infographic] 6 Benefits of a CO2/NH3 Cascade System

If you’d like to learn more about CO2/NH3 cascade systems and other low-charge refrigeration equipment, email me at foodforthought@stellar.net, or feel free to download our Packaged Refrigeration Equipment Buyer’s Guide. 

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One thought on “[Infographic] 6 Benefits of a CO2/NH3 Cascade System

  1. I agree that CO2 offers a good alternative to large ammonia systems its uses are limited and initial costs are high and the mechanics will require specialized training to operate and maintain the equipment these days it is near impossible to get qualified ammonia personnel let alone someone that can learn CO2.


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