[SlideShare] 3 Things to Know About the Changing Refrigeration Climate

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Did you tune in to our Food Engineering webinar last week? We discussed the changing refrigeration climate, including what you should know about revised compliance schedules, innovative refrigeration technologies and the pros and cons for each. You can check out our full presentation in the SlideShare provided below.

We offered other information on the changing refrigeration climate, too. Check out these blog posts:

5 key takeaways

While we presented insights throughout the webinar and within our blog posts, here are five key takeaways we’d like you to walk away with:

  1. Synthetic refrigerants are being phased out. As environmentally friendly alternatives become commercially viable, the synthetic refrigerants that are presently being used may be phased out in the future.

  2. The government is increasing oversight and regulations for large-charge ammonia systems.

  3. Distributed refrigeration with packaged rooftop units is a viable solution to take advantage of natural refrigerants while minimizing the risk.

  4. For plants that require a central system, CO2/NH3 cascade systems provide an alternative that minimizes large ammonia charges.

  5. Low-charge ammonia chillers are a viable option to replace Freon chillers, using natural refrigerants while minimizing the risk.

If you’d like to learn even more about refrigeration, feel free to email us at foodforthought@stellar.net or chuck.taylor@crt-design.com.

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  1. Loved the refrigeration webinar. It shared great info about other possible sources and what are their drawbacks. Thanks


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