2022 Recap: Our Top 5 Blog Posts of the Year

This past year has been a big one in the food and beverage industry, with new technology rolling out and (some) supply chain constraints waning. While new trends and practices are already appearing for 2023, it’s critical for manufacturers to reflect on 2022’s challenges and successes when planning for the one ahead.

That’s why we’re revisiting the topics our readers found most useful this year. From coffee trends to labor availability to cyberattacks, here are the five most popular Food for Thought posts of 2022.

1) Struggling to Staff the Third Shift? Combat Labor Shortages with These Automation Solutions

With a record-breaking number of job openings in January 2022 and a limited labor pool to answer the call for help, more manufacturers are turning to robotics to fill the gaps. We’re continually monitoring developments and best practices for leveraging robotics in our clients’ facilities to help them improve efficiency and productivity. This blog post dives into the different types of automation used in modern facilities, and how they can help support both operations and future growth.

2) 4 Strategies for Mitigating Supply Chain Disruptions in Your Next Construction Project

Due to factors ranging from ongoing pandemic repercussions to the war in Ukraine, 2022 was plagued by overseas shipping delays, logistical bottlenecks and shortages in the transportation sector, causing a drastic impact on supply chains and project lead times. This post presents four strategies to help mitigate risk and keep a project on track.

3) 5 Coffee Trends to Watch in 2022

Coffee is one of America’s favorite drinks, and the food and beverage industry is constantly evolving to stay competitive with consumer demand and market trends. How is this sector adapting? This blog breaks down some of 2022’s hottest coffee trends.

4) Factors to Consider Before Using a Spec Building for a Food and Beverage Facility

Speculative (or “spec”) buildings are being used more commonly in new industrial developments. These bare-bones, but customizable, pre-engineered buildings may seem attractive and cost-effective upfront, but it’s impossible to guarantee a spec building will meet the unique needs of food and beverage facilities without additional rework and capital investment. This blog post shares five challenges that arise when preparing spec buildings for food and beverage processing, and also provides advice on how to build beyond the basics for a food manufacturing facility.

5) Cyberattacks, Hacking and Phishing Scams: the Food Processing Industry’s Multimillion-Dollar Problem

Food processing facilities are increasingly becoming more technology-reliant — and for good reason. Of course, that can also create vulnerabilities if your systems aren’t configured properly. Cyber security is an increasingly important topic, whether a facility features automation, high-tech building management systems or remotely accessible machine sensors. This post shares four tips for preventing network hacking and data breaches at your plant.

New Year’s Resolution: Finding a construction partner that checks every box

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving, and new trends are already rearing their heads for 2023. At Stellar, we pride ourselves in being a single source of cutting-edge solutions for all our clients’ needs — whether that involves full design-build services for a new greenfield facility or a process optimization assessment to improve existing operations.

As you prepare for the new year, ensure your partners are meeting (and exceeding) your expectations.

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