AR on the Construction Site: See How Augmented Reality Benefits Builders and Owners [VIDEO]

Augmented reality (AR) is a powerful tool on Stellar’s job sites. Today’s AR technology is revolutionizing the way we design and build facilities, making construction projects more efficient and ultimately saving owners time and money.

Stellar leverages augmented reality in three major ways:

  • Help owners visualize their building on site before construction — AR helps owners see what their facility will look like in the context of the land where it’s being built. They can view a digital model of the building superimposed on their surroundings that updates and moves in real time. By using a tablet or HoloLens, they can look at the exterior or go room-by-room to see details as small as the view outside certain windows.
  • Manage quality assurance and validate the installation process — Construction crews can superimpose different layers of the design model onto the actual job site, allowing them to identify potential issues earlier and correct them faster. This makes work more efficient, saving time and potential costs.
  • Verify and visualize as-built conditions post-construction — If an owner wants to expand or build an addition to their space, augmented reality can be used to visualize where existing infrastructure is located in the walls. This makes it easier to tie into utilities like mechanical or plumbing.

The level of technology in augmented reality hardware has basically doubled in the last year, and we’re continuing to develop new ways to incorporate this tool into Stellar projects. The potential uses and future possibilities for AR technology are practically limitless.


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