Inside the World’s Largest Sous Vide Processing Facility [PHOTOS]

“Sous vide” is French for “under vacuum” and has been around for decades in France. Since 1971, Cuisine Solutions — along with subsidiary CREA and Chief Scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault — has been perfecting the sous vide technology utilizing cooking time and temperature as the foundations of its development.

As the need for food safety and consistency has dramatically increased in recent decades, the company continued investing in more production capacity, new adjacent technologies and greater innovations — including a new plant in San Antonio, Texas.

“Our vision to create the best and most innovative food company in the world utilizing the sous vide technology has made this exciting journey a reality,” said Stanislas Vilgrain, Founder & Chairman of Cuisine Solutions. “This new state-of-the art sous vide manufacturing facility is so technologically advanced that it will be a worldwide reference for food manufacturing for many years to come.” 

Stellar designed and built the new 315,000-square-foot structure and provided process engineering solutions for its proprietary cooking methods. The cutting-edge facility — named the 2021 Sustainable Plant of the Year by Food Engineering magazine — has proven to be a successful operation for Cuisine Solutions as well as a meaningful investment in the San Antonio community.

In January 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott chose the San Antonio facility to host a roundtable and press conference regarding the state of the construction industry and economic development during the time of COVID-19. He met with Cuisine Solutions leadership and Stellar team members on his visit, a testament to the caliber of the facility and its economic value to the region and state.

Check out this post to learn more about the facility’s sustainable features and read Food Engineering’s profile of the project here.


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