5 Ways to Reduce Preventive Maintenance Costs for Your Food Processing Plant

Controlling Costs in the New Year series

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preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance should be one of your key strategies to keeping your plant’s assets healthy. While equipment upkeep and parts replacements are necessary, there are ways you can reduce your preventive maintenance costs without decreasing your food processing facility’s operational efficiencies.


Four Key Budget Considerations in Designing Your Plant’s Mechanical System

Mechanical Engineering Series

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boilersIt is critical to plan for the future when designing your food processing plant’s mechanical systems. We find that many plants are now undergoing expensive retrofits because future needs were not appropriately considered. Not only are retrofits expensive, but if new equipment is not sized and sequenced effectively, it can significantly affect your energy costs. To avoid these issues, here are four budget considerations to address when designing your plant’s mechanical system:


Your Guide to Financing and Staffing a Food Processing Plant in China

Doing Business in China Series

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BankExpanding your food processing business into China requires much more than a capital investment—it requires a significant investment in upfront planning and research. Expats who are currently operating a business in the country can be your greatest source of information, both in navigating China’s financial industry and in identifying trusted sources. Here are a few key things you need to know about banking, taxes and staffing before expanding your food processing operations in China.