Three Steps in Developing a Food Processing Manufacturing Plan

Strategic planning series

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Manufacturing Plan

Developing a manufacturing plan is generally the second phase in the strategic planning process. After creating a business plan and specifying your food processing plant’s sales and growth projections, a manufacturing plan will identify and assess the processes that are used to manufacture the product to meet those sales goals.


Key Elements to Include in Your Food Processing Facility’s Business Plan

Strategic planning series

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Most strategic plans begin with the development of a business plan, a methodical process where all aspects of the business are defined and analyzed against the company’s business objectives. Food processing companies develop business plans at different stages of their life cycle, especially in preparation to launch a new product line, invest in a facility expansion or to identify new growth opportunities.


Six Ways Your Food Processing Facility Will Benefit From a Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Series

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There’s a saying that failing to plan is planning to fail. As competition increases and belts tighten, many food-processing companies are realizing the importance of strategic plans.