[VIDEO] The Value of Working with a Fully Integrated Firm for Your Next Food or Beverage Project

What is a fully integrated firm?

A fully integrated firm is one that offers process design, building and infrastructure design, and construction services all with in-house resources. Compare this with traditional methods that involve contracting a variety of vendors to handle these different elements of your project. Partnering with an integrated firm can benefit your next food or beverage project in a variety of ways.

The benefits of working with a fully integrated firm

In my opinion, the 3 major benefits to working with a fully integrated firm are:

  1. Saves money
  2. Increases speed to market
  3. Improves food safety of the facility

The food and beverage industry is fast-paced and is constantly changing. Working with an integrated firm enables you to quickly adapt to sudden changes in your project timeline, because all the disciplines needed to make a successful shift are under one roof.

Plus, having a fully integrated firm on your side streamlines communication compared to working with a variety of contractors. Since all the moving parts of your project are being handled by one team, the chances for miscommunication are much less.

Curious to see some tangible examples of how a fully integrated firm handles food and beverage projects? Send me an email at foodforthought@stellar.net


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