Why Your Expansion Plan Needs Supply Chain Modeling

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supply chain modeling

As the food processing industry continues to flourish, many manufacturers are faced with the need to increase capacity. Whether it’s adding a new process line, building an additional plant or expanding an existing facility, conducting a supply chain analysis in partnership with your design team can lead to better decision-making and more efficient capital expenditures.


Five Things To Consider When Selecting A Site For Your New Plant

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Site selection Earlier this year, Food Processing magazine’s Kevin T. Higgins claimed that being a food manufacturer was the next best thing to being a king. Why? Because most new plant projects and renovations are now supported by generous, multimillion public subsidies. But while communities dangle expensive bait in hopes of catching job creation, it’s skewing the site-selection process, resulting in plants built in unfit locations.


Five Ways an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Can Help You Comply With FSMA

Food safety series

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best practicesThe Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is front and center for most food processors yet managing the regulatory and reporting requirements can be taxing and time consuming. Many food processors are investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to more efficiently manage the process, allowing for better data collection, analysis, documentation, and reporting tools. Using an ERP program to manage your plant’s food safety program will improve your audit results, reduce food safety-related incidents and investigations, improve product quality and ultimately increase operational efficiencies.


Six Ways Your Food Processing Facility Will Benefit From a Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Series

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There’s a saying that failing to plan is planning to fail. As competition increases and belts tighten, many food-processing companies are realizing the importance of strategic plans.


The Three Ps of Preparing for Natural Disasters: Plan, Partner and Prioritize

Food Plant Emergency Response Series

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disasterNatural disasters can wreak havoc on a food processing facility, not only causing physical damage to the building, but also resulting in a huge economic loss in product and production downtime. Planning for a natural disaster has to be strategic and should include partners from your local emergency response teams, vendors and designated employees.