Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson
VP, Southern Waters Company, Inc.

Taylor is responsible for sales, marketing, development and product application support as well as accounts management at Southern Waters Company.  His career in the water treatment industry began in 2000.  He started out working in filtration and sanitation installing softeners, reverse osmosis systems, carbon filters, UV and chlorination systems. In 2007, Taylor began practicing chemical water treatment of industrial and commercial boilers, and cooling systems. His experience with water treatment includes industries such as food, beverage, HVAC, and potable water treatment.

Eight Critical Steps in Water Treatment To Protect Your Products and Equipment

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Whether you’re designing a new food processing plant or upgrading an existing facility, determining necessary upfront water treatment is a critical step in protecting and maintaining your plant’s systems. Many plants forgo thorough analysis resulting in poorly or untreated water that can lead to scale and bacterial buildup on equipment. Stellar often partners with water treatment professionals such as Southern Waters Company, Inc. to effectively manage clients’ clean water requirements.