NH360: How Packaged Refrigeration Equipment Can Help Your Bottom Line and Project Schedule

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NH360: How Packaged Refrigeration Equipment Can Help Your Bottom Line and Project Schedule

What is packaged refrigeration?

Low-charge packaged refrigeration systems are “packaged” or “modular.” The refrigeration equipment is built off site, mounted on a structural steel base (skid), and then delivered to your plant as a self-contained, “plug-and-play” system.

Not only is low-charge packaged refrigeration equipment safer, it also comes with advantages in terms of:

  • Installation
  • Field labor savings
  • Schedule savings

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How packaged refrigeration can save you time, money and headaches

Installation advantages

Instead of being built in your plant, packaged refrigeration systems are prefabricated on a skid in a separate facility, resulting in more efficient assembly and higher quality equipment.

This installation process is particularly attractive to existing facilities that are upgrading their system. Building out a packaged refrigeration system in a separate facility means less downtime and interruption to your plant’s current operations. When it’s ready, your new system arrives at your doorstep.

Field labor savings

Perhaps the biggest savings with packaged refrigeration equipment is in field labor costs. Bringing a refrigeration team to the job site gets expensive when you start adding up costs like:

  • Travel
  • Per diem
  • Lodging

In this scenario, you also inevitably pay workers for some “downtime” due to minor delays or waiting on other processes.

By opting for a packaged refrigeration system, you avoid those travel costs and benefit from the labor efficiency that comes with a controlled fabrication environment. The team is familiar with their fabrication facility and has access to the necessary tools all in one place.

Bottom line: Choosing a packaged refrigeration system can save you 25 to 30 percent in labor costs.

Schedule savings

Today, consumer demand doesn’t slow down and it’s always changing. If you’re building a new facility it’s because you’ve identified a need in the market for your product(s), so the faster you can start production, the better.

The process of assembling a packaged refrigeration system is faster and more efficient than traditional methods, which can reduce your overall project timeline. Translation: You can start selling product and making a return that much faster.

What makes it faster? With packaged refrigeration, there are fewer variables at play compared to assembling and installing a traditional system at the job site.

Think of it like this: If you were building a piece of furniture, would you rather work in your front yard (where your project is susceptible to weather and other potential interruptions) or in your garage (where you are under cover and all your tools are located nearby)?

Plus, little things can add up and delay your overall schedule. For example, when you bring a refrigeration team to a new job site, they have to transport and unload their tools and learn where certain things are located.

On the other hand, team members at a packaged refrigeration fabrication facility are already familiar with their environment, have access to convenient break rooms and tend to take shorter breaks — all of which improves efficiency.

NH360: The leader in packaged refrigeration

At this point you may be asking yourself: “If packaged refrigeration is so great, why doesn’t everyone offer it?” The answer is: Not everyone can.

Developing packaged refrigeration systems requires a dedicated fabrication facility that can accommodate the equipment. Skids can measure 50’L x 15’W x 15’H and weigh upwards of 120,000 pounds. Then you need to transport the skid across the country to wherever it’s needed.

Many companies simply don’t have the resources, facilities or nationwide presence to handle this specialized operation at that scale. Historically, the refrigeration industry has been less sophisticated, but NH360 is bringing the future of refrigeration to your facility today.

Packaged refrigeration expertise backed by decades of industry experience

NH360 Packaged Refrigeration Systems, powered by Stellar, is the all-in-one provider for packaged refrigeration trusted by leading brands across the country.

Rather than outsource to subcontractors, NH360 handles every stage of the process, including:

  • Design
  • Assembly
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

NH360 has service technicians located throughout the country, so ongoing maintenance for the lifecycle of your system is convenient no matter where your facility is located.

Trusting a single provider for all your packaged refrigeration needs not only makes your life easier, it ensures continuity and a higher quality product. Our designers know who will be servicing the equipment and the service technicians are already familiar with the equipment.

There’s no finger-pointing between subcontractors when you work with NH360. We operate as one team and take full responsibility for every step of the process with the goal of putting your needs first.

Learn more about packaged refrigeration equipment by downloading our in-depth white paper, “Packaged Refrigeration Systems: 7 Key Advantages Over Traditional Field-Built Systems.” Have specific questions? Email me at foodforthought@stellar.net

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