Digital PSM: A Look at Stellar’s Updated NH360 Compliance Software Platform

When it comes to your facility’s process safety management (PSM), switching from paper to digital is a no-brainer. Using a digital platform saves time, makes document storage more convenient and allows you to have more control during OSHA audits.

We live in an online, digital world where software technologies make our work more efficient. Why should one of the most important elements of your business — the health and safety of your employees — be any different?

Stellar has been a pioneer in the digital PSM market since 1998, and we’re raising the bar.

NH360: The reimagined digital process safety management system

Stellar will be attending IIAR’s 2020 Natural Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo next week where we’ll be introducing people to our newly updated digital PSM software, NH360.

Existing users are already benefiting from the new features of the reimagined platform, and facilities that are still using reams of paper and heavy books now have even more reason to make the switch.

Digital PSM: A Sneak Peek at Stellar’s New Compliance Software Platform

Here’s a peek at some of our platform’s highlights:

Streamlined, comprehensive corporate tracking

It’s now easier than ever for corporate managers to monitor and compare metrics from multiple facilities. Updated measuring tools allow companies to easily see if certain facilities are falling out of compliance and communicate directly with plant personnel to correct them. While this basic capability existed before, the recent upgrade makes this data more visual, incorporating new graphs, charts and more. 

Digital PSM: A Sneak Peek at Stellar’s New Compliance Software Platform

Personalized help navigating an audit

If you’ve ever experienced an OSHA audit, you know they can be overwhelming. It often seems like the inspectors have a list of endless questions filled with unfamiliar, bureaucratic terminology. With Stellar’s new “Ease of Mind” support, you’ll never have to face another audit alone.

If OSHA comes knocking, our PSM team will respond quickly and work alongside your personnel to navigate the audit process — whether that’s remotely through the digital platform or by sending a representative to the site.

Many times, inspectors will ask for documentation that plant managers don’t realize they have because the inspectors use a different name for it. Stellar’s PSM experts serve as mediators to help “translate” OSHA requests and ensure the audit process is as quick and painless as possible.

Digital PSM: A Sneak Peek at Stellar’s New Compliance Software Platform

Unlimited storage capacity

In addition to a streamlined user interface, documentation storage in the NH360 platform is now more intuitive. The software also features unlimited data storage, so users never have to worry about caps or limits when saving critical files. When it comes to digital PSM platforms, Stellar’s is the most robust in the market.

Asset tagging with QR codes

The new NH360 platform also integrates with asset tags placed on various elements and equipment throughout a facility. Instead of keeping track of manuals and paper documentation, maintenance personnel are now able to scan a QR code affixed to any equipment and immediately pull up safety information, such as how to lock it out or pump it down.

In addition, Stellar can assign asset tags down to the individual valve on a unit. This allows users to see a total breakdown of a piece of equipment and isolate its individual components.

Are you attending IIAR’s 2020 Natural Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo? Sign up for a demo and visit Stellar at booth #907. Have specific questions about a digital PSM solution for your facility? Email me at


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