Wyatt Payne
Wyatt Payne
Divisional Vice President, Field Services, Quality and Safety

Wyatt has more than 22 years of experience in the design, engineering and construction fields. Wyatt’s responsibilities include project development and management of construction personnel, which involves client relations, cost estimating, scheduling, constructability analysis, value engineering and proposal preparation. He has worked on projects for Keystone Foods, Tropicana, Maple Leaf, United States Cold Storage, Dot Foods and many others.

5 Details to Give Your Design-Builder for a More Accurate Food Project Budget

Avoid discrepancies by providing details about utilities, food safety and more

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5 Details to Give Your Design-Builder for a More Accurate Food Project Budget

At this time of year, many food processors are planning next year’s capital expenditures, which often means piecing together budgets for upcoming food plant construction projects. It is important to create the most accurate budget possible: a tricky task. Frequently, food processors prepare budgets without the assistance of an experienced design-builder. By doing so, they make assumptions that can skew their entire budget.


Food Processing Plant Site Due Diligence: Soft Costs to Expect

Controlling Costs in the New Year series

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food processing plant site due diligence

Before selecting a site for your food processing plant, are you sure you’re accounting for all of the costs involved? In our last post, we outlined some key considerations for building a better greenfield budget. Here, I dive in deeper with the often forgotten soft costs, or fees that fall outside the realm of direct construction costs. These include pre-construction permits, impact fees and utility connection fees. To help you with your site due diligence, be sure to account for these soft costs commonly associated with new facility sites.