Marc Weaver, P.E., LEED AP
Marc Weaver, P.E., LEED AP
Dir. of Mechanical Engineering

Marc has over 12 years of mechanical design experience and has specialized in HVAC and utility engineering in the commercial, healthcare and industrial marketplace. His responsibilities include proposal preparation, engineering calculations, preparation of detailed construction drawings and specifications and field inspections. He is also responsible for coordination with local building officials and other engineering disciplines. He has managed projects for H-E-B, Heinz, Nestlé, Starbucks and Tropicana, among others.


Eight Critical Steps in Water Treatment To Protect Your Products and Equipment

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Whether you’re designing a new food processing plant or upgrading an existing facility, determining necessary upfront water treatment is a critical step in protecting and maintaining your plant’s systems. Many plants forgo thorough analysis resulting in poorly or untreated water that can lead to scale and bacterial buildup on equipment. Stellar often partners with water treatment professionals such as Southern Waters Company, Inc. to effectively manage clients’ clean water requirements.


Food Processing Plant Design: Designing the Most Efficient Waste-piping System

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Round floor drains are becoming more common.

Round floor drains are becoming more common.


There are numerous factors to consider when designing a wastewater piping system for a food manufacturing plant. Where will drains be located? What types of piping materials will be used? Can the system be designed to accommodate future physical growth of the facility? Yet the most important factor of a waste-piping system is efficiency – efficiency in location, layout, materials and installation. Here’s what you need to know: