6 Ways to Optimize Your Facility’s Energy Consumption

How to achieve water, electric and refrigeration efficiency that translates to long-term ROI

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6 Ways to Optimize Your Facility’s Energy Consumption

Energy costs typically account for 30 percent of a facility’s operating budget. That means nearly a third of all the money you funnel into your plant goes straight to the utility bill.

We already know about the popularity of green building and sustainable practices, but is it possible to go too green? In short, yes. You don’t want to go so overboard with efficiencies that you’re overspending on unnecessary improvements.


Is LEED Certification More Achievable for Refrigerated Facilities in LEED v4?

What two credit interpretation rules mean for temperature-controlled plants

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Food processing and cold storage facilities have historically faced challenges when pursuing LEED certification. Refrigeration and process systems require a lot of energy, and there has never been a specific path or program for these types of facilities under the LEED umbrella. However, LEED v4 and its two specific credit interpretation rules are now making the path to certification more achievable.


What’s New in LEED v4: Big Picture Changes, Updates for Building Design and Construction

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What’s new in LEED v4: Big picture changes, updates for Building Design and Construction

LEED v4 is here. This latest version of the LEED rating system is “bolder and more specialized for building projects worldwide,” and it features more rigorous standards. While some of the credits and prerequisites are essentially the same as the 2009 version, there are some significant changes you should know about if a new build or renovation is in your future.