3 Ways to Increase Efficiency at Your Spirit Manufacturing Plant

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3 Ways to Increase Efficiency at Your Spirit Manufacturing Plant

Bottling is one of the biggest challenges in spirit manufacturing. In fact, it’s the most common issue our team encounters when working with clients in this space.

For spirit manufacturers, it’s not usually a question of “Can we make this product?” but rather “Can we get it into a bottle fast enough to fulfill all our orders?”

How you get your product into its bottle can easily bottleneck your entire operation. Are you experiencing inefficiencies at your plant? Wondering why your output isn’t what you estimated? Your problems may stem from issues with equipment, bottle types and/or overall processing lines.


The Future of Food Packaging: 3 Trends to Watch in 2017

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The Future of Food Packaging: 3 Trends to Watch in 2017

There’s a lot happening in the food and beverage packaging industry, and if there’s one place to get a pulse on it all, it’s PACK EXPO International. I had the privilege of attending the 60th anniversary of this premier industry trade show last November in Chicago. The event is huge and features hundreds of vendors — with 10×10 booths all the way up to exhibitors that take up nearly a quarter of the largest convention center in North America.


Food Packaging: What’s Your Product’s Personality?

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What’s the first thing you think about when walking into your office each morning? The reality is that you’re likely juggling several things at once, right out the gate.

Manufacturing and processing in the food and beverage space has a lot of moving parts (literally and figuratively), and food processors often have a lot on their plates — food safety priorities, personnel issues and distribution logistics are just a few.

But have you considered how your plant’s operations intersect with your company’s branding?


5 Tips for Automating Your Food Processing Plant

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5 Tips for Automating your Food Processing Plant

Total automation may be an ideal for most food processors, but it can be difficult to determine how to connect every system in a food plant—or if they should even be connected at all. To optimize ROI, it’s important to learn which areas of your food processing facility are best suited for automation. Below are five tips for improving your plant’s automation capabilities.


Do You Really Need to Upgrade Your PLC-5 Automation System?

Tips for migrating your processor effectively, efficiently and affordably

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Do you really need to upgrade your PLC-5 automation system?

Source: Rockwell Automation

Upgrading PLC-5 automation systems has been on the food and beverage industry’s radar for quite some time now. In fact, when I began working at Stellar 12 years ago, people were buzzing about Rockwell Automation moving the processor into retirement (“Silver Series” status). However, the PLC-5 1771 was such a widely popular system, Rockwell held back on pulling the trigger until recently. In August 2012, Rockwell revealed it would no longer support the PLC-5 processor anymore, including engineering replacement parts—big news, considering more than 80 percent of the marketplace owned these systems.