3 Unexpected Food Processing Solutions Inspired by Different Industries

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3 Unexpected Food Processing Solutions Inspired by Different Industries

I see a lot of neat things working in the food and beverage industry, especially because I have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients across different sectors.

Of course, food manufacturers know their product best, because ultimately, it’s their product. However, when it comes to their processing and the technology they use to make their product, I often encourage owners to keep an open mind.

Here’s the thing: Many times, companies can get boxed in and only focus on their particular product and the way things are “typically” done in their industry. Their factories and boardrooms can act as echo chambers for their ideas.


18 Design and Construction Acronyms Food Plant Owners Need to Know

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18 Construction Acronyms Owners Need to Know

With all its abbreviations, acronyms and jargon, the AEC industry can feel a lot like alphabet soup. Navigating the industry-speak is important to understanding your projects from start to finish, so we put together a list of some of the most common — and sometimes misused — acronyms to help you out, and make it easy as A-B-C!


2 Biggest Threats to Food Plant Construction Budgets

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The 2 Biggest Budget Threats to a Food or Beverage Construction Project

Constructing a new food or beverage plant can be similar to a lot of big investments in life where attention to detail can make or break your budget. Think about renovating a house, buying a car or maintaining a boat — any of these things can quickly turn into a money pit, but it can be efficient if you plan accordingly. The same goes for your next construction project.