[Infographic] 7 Best Practices for Gluten-Free Manufacturing

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[Infographic] 7 Best Practices for Gluten-Free Manufacturing

Stellar recently exhibited at IBIE 2016, and the gluten-free market continues to be a key topic of discussion among attendees. We’ve been examining the gluten-free industry leading up to the expo, and we’re concluding the series with best practices you need to know if you’re entering this space. Before you begin producing gluten-free products in your facility, consider these principles to ensure you cater to this growing market safely, efficiently and effectively.

 [Infographic] 7 Best Practices for Gluten-Free Manufacturing

Manufacturing and processing gluten-free products poses a unique set of challenges, from cross-contamination to segregation and product consistency. If you’re looking to integrate gluten-free products in your product line, ensure you keep the above best practices in mind to meet both the needs — and safety — of your gluten-free customers.

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