Ensure Your Cold Storage Facility Has a Best-in-class Fire Protection System

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Quell_LogoToday, many food distribution warehouse owners are turning to a new fire protection system designed specifically for cold storage facilities. The Quell™ Fire Sprinkler System, developed in 2006, is an advanced system that uses a “surround and drown” approach to rapidly control a fire using a large volume of water. This not only puts out the fire quickly, but also reduces heat and minimizes damage to the distribution facility itself and to the contents and products.

When a sprinkler is activated, water is discharged on a delay to allow time for one or more other sprinklers to be thermally activated by the fire, ensuring sufficient water volume and cooling is applied to control it before it can spread. Developed by Tyco Fire & Building Products, this system should only be installed by licensed contractors.

The Quell Fire Sprinkler System offers many benefits for distribution warehouses including:

  1. Dry pipe system — As a dry pipe sprinkler system, it does not require antifreeze, which is required in most wet pipe sprinkler systems to avoid freezing. Wet pipe sprinkler systems using antifreeze have been under review, with a concern about the combustibility of high concentrations of antifreeze. Additional precautions and some regulations must also be taken in regard to backflow contamination of potable public water supplies when using antifreeze systems.
  2. Class range protections — The Quell system provides fire protection for Class I, II, III and Group A plastic commodities. This means frozen foods, foods in plastic or even combustible containers are protected, including certain alcoholic beverages and wide range of other goods various containers.
  3. Less expensive to install, operate and maintain — Pipes are located in the ceiling only, so they’re less expensive to install than costly in-rack installation. In addition, the sprinklers are easier and more cost-effective to maintain through ceiling access.
  4. Flexible storage — Since the sprinklers are located in the ceiling, roof and storage heights can be higher, allowing the facility to utilize more flexible stocking configurations.
  5. 10-year warranty — The Quell Fire Sprinkler System is backed by the industry’s best 10-year limited warranty.


If you’d like to learn more about the Quell Fire Sprinkler System, email us at bblocker@stellar.net or mab@wiginton.net.



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