Scott Mark
Scott Mark
Vice President, Operations

Scott has over 16 years of design and construction experience. He has held the positions of field engineer, project superintendent, project manager, senior project manager and project developer. Scott’s responsibilities include working as a team mentor to ensure project success and client satisfaction. He oversees the project throughout planning, construction, pre-construction and warranty period. Scott has worked on projects for Boar’s Head Provisions, Nestlé, Sara Lee Foods and many more.

5 Details to Give Your Design-Builder for a More Accurate Food Project Budget

Avoid discrepancies by providing details about utilities, food safety and more

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5 Details to Give Your Design-Builder for a More Accurate Food Project Budget

At this time of year, many food processors are planning next year’s capital expenditures, which often means piecing together budgets for upcoming food plant construction projects. It is important to create the most accurate budget possible: a tricky task. Frequently, food processors prepare budgets without the assistance of an experienced design-builder. By doing so, they make assumptions that can skew their entire budget.


How to Build a Better Capital Budget for Your Food Processing Plant

Controlling Costs in the New Year series

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food processing plant capital budget

‘Tis the season to … piece together your capital budget for the new year. When estimating your numbers for food processing projects on the horizon, don’t just base your predictions on what you did the last time around. You shouldn’t be estimating costs based solely on square footage, either. However, there are ways to build a higher confidence level behind your budget and ensure its accuracy—it all lies within the data.