Mike Murdaugh
Mike Murdaugh
Senior Process Engineer

Mike has more than 20 years of experience in the engineering field with a focus on food and beverage and HVAC-R. His primary responsibility includes organizing and directing process and packaging design development requirements for food and beverage manufacturing facilities. This involves overseeing the initial development of critical project layout design, food safety, technical equipment requirements, proper execution of construction documents, managing equipment installation and commissioning. Mike has overseen projects for Coca-Cola, ConAgra Foods, Cargill, H.J. Heinz and many others.

What’s Next in Dairy? From Probiotics to Premium Flavors and Drinkable Yogurt

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This week our peers gathered to discuss the latest in the dairy industry at Dairy Forum 2017. The International Dairy Foods Association event brings together farmers, processors, regulators and dairy executives to network and examine industry trends — and there’s a lot to talk about.


Food Plant Sanitation: How to Integrate Regular Cleaning Into Your Facility’s Processing

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Food Plant Sanitation: How to Integrate Regular Cleaning into Your Facility’s Processing

Most of us enjoy cooking food that we love to eat. It’s the cleanup that we hate. Have you ever made a home-cooked meal that didn’t involve cleaning? Probably not. Also, those of us who like to cook would never start with dirty utensils and pans, right?

Food manufacturing facilities operate in the same way. They aim to produce high-quality products while minimizing the cleanup involved, but they must first begin processing with clean equipment. But that can be easier said than done.


Should You Invest Time and Resources to Prequalify Food Plant Subcontractors?

Best practices for mitigating risk and protecting your food business

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Prequalifying subcontractors

This is a question we hear food plant owners asking themselves time and time again when embarking on new projects. Do I really need to invest in prequalifying subcontractors? I have relationships with other vendors—why pay someone else to hire subs when I can save money and just pick people myself? There are plenty of reasons that hiring subs must be taken very, very seriously. The wrong decision can result in risks ranging from project delays and unexpected expenses to safety threats. And with food manufacturing facilities in particular, you have the added layer of food safety risks. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re on the fence about investing time and resources into prequalifying food plant subcontractors for your project.


Sanitary Process Installation: What to Ask When Selecting a Subcontractor

Food safety series

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july31Equipment manufacturers play a key role in the food safety program of a food processing plant, ensuring that equipment is designed and built to meet stringent sanitary requirements. Plant owners often spend significant time and money to acquire the right equipment with the proper sanitary construction. Yet once that equipment is designed and delivered, the next critical step is ensuring that it’s installed properly, within those same sanitary standards. If you do not carefully screen installation subcontractors, you could put your plant at risk of a food safety issue.


Four Reasons to Invest in a Reuse Clean-in-Place System

Process Engineering Series

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A single use CIP unit with recovery


Any food or beverage plant facility that uses clean-in-place (CIP) technology to clean tanks, piping or product lines without disassembly three to seven times a week should implement a reuse design, provided cross-contamination is unlikely. Here are four reasons why: