Mike Horst
Mike Horst
Division Manager

Mike has over 35 years of experience in the refrigeration and process gas industry. As the division manager of compressor services, his responsibilities include overseeing all business relationships and repair standard practices such as quality assurance procedures and the execution of all repair and remanufactured compressors in the refrigeration, process gas, COgas, nuclear safety related cooling,and compressed air industries. Mike has worked on projects for Nestlé, Sara Lee Foods, Tropicana, AirGas, Valero, Bayer, Honeywell and many others.

[Infographic] Refrigeration Compressor Red Flags

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Lately, we’ve focused on refrigeration compressor packages, blogging about everything from mistakes you may be making with your daily logs to which factors you need to check regularly. This week, we provide an infographic to help you identify red flags that may signal compressor health issues.


14 Factors to Keep Your Refrigeration Compressor Package in Check

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14 factors to check to ensure the health of your refrigeration compressor package

While we’ve already blogged about ways to determine the fitness of your refrigeration compressor, it’s important to pay attention to the big picture as well. Ensure you keep up with the the health of your entire refrigeration compressor package, as failure to check components including the motor, control panel and suction superheat, can cause major failures. Here are the 14 key factors to check within each component of your compressor package.


3 Ways to Determine the Fitness of Your Refrigeration Compressor

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3 ways to determine the fitness of your refrigeration compressor

Refrigeration screw compressors use axial thrust load bearings—and they have a life expectancy that will begin to fail over time. At one time or another, all food processors and beverage manufacturers will be in the market for a refrigeration compressor rebuild or replacement. Because the compressor and its bearings will deteriorate over time, staying on top of its performance is crucial to avoiding a catastrophic failure. Here are three methods that can help gauge your compressor’s fitness.