Michael Mittelsteadt
Michael Mittelsteadt
Process Engineer

Michael has experience in manufacturing and process design as a manufacturing engineer. He also has experience in product design. Michael has five years of industry experience, including three years with Stellar.

How to Capitalize on the Demand for Plant-based Foods

5 questions to ask when growing your meat-free manufacturing business

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How to Capitalize on the Demand for Plant-based Foods

In case you missed the memo: Plant-based diets and meat alternatives are on the rise. U.S. sales of plant-based “meats” jumped 42% between March 2016 and March 2019 to a total of $888 million, according to Nielsen. Traditional meat sales only rose 1% to $85 billion in that same time frame.

Plant-based food manufacturers aren’t just targeting vegan and vegetarian consumers, either. Sales of meat alternatives are also being driven by an increasing number of “flexitarians” who are incorporating more plant-based foods into their meat-eating diets.

In fact, nearly 90% of the people eating non-meat burgers are not vegetarian or vegan.

Thanks to all of this buzz, what was once just a niche market has now become more crowded. That means manufacturers of plant-based proteins and other animal-free foods are being forced to rethink how they can scale and remain competitive.

Let’s look at five questions plant-based food manufacturers should ask if they want to grow while staying cost-conscious.


How to Run Effective Food Processing Equipment Design Meetings

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How to Have Effective Food Processing Equipment Design Meetings

So you’re building a new food manufacturing facility, or maybe you’re revamping your current processing lines. Either way, the equipment design phase is critical to the timeline of your project and the success of your plant.

Efficient and effective design meetings play a huge role in ensuring your schedule doesn’t stall and that the best decisions are made. I’ve seen how poorly run meetings can hamper the equipment design process — not only does it make life more difficult for the firm you’re partnering with, but it can create headaches for your internal team as well.