Jonah Petoskey
Jonah Petoskey
Senior Project Manager

Jonah has held the positions of field engineer, assistant superintendent, assistant project manager, project manager and is currently senior project manager. Jonah has 13 years of industry experience including 11 years with Stellar.

How a Facility Assessment Helped Royal Cup Coffee Build, Expand and Renovate Efficiently [Case Study]

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How a Facility Assessment Helped Royal Cup Coffee Build, Expand and Renovate Efficiently [Case Study]

In our industry, the best project outcomes require a great deal of planning. When it comes to greenfield and renovation projects, that means formulating a manufacturing analysis and a strategic plan. Before investing in any changes, however, a crucial step is understanding the status quo:

  • How is your facility performing?
  • How efficient are your processes?
  • What can be optimized?

A comprehensive facility assessment can answer these questions and more.


3 Steps to Develop a Food Processing Manufacturing Plan

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Manufacturing Plan

Developing a manufacturing plan is generally the second phase in the strategic planning process. After creating a business plan and specifying your food processing plant’s sales and growth projections, a manufacturing plan will identify and assess the processes that are used to manufacture the product to meet those sales goals.


3 Challenges Facing Today’s Coffee Producers (and How to Solve Them)

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starbucks 33

Coffee continues to be one of the most rapidly evolving markets in the food and beverage industry. Variety in flavor options and the growing popularity of cold brew coffee are just a few of the latest market trends.

Consumer preferences and tastes are constantly changing, and to meet market demand while remaining profitable, producers need greater control over their processing and packaging systems.


[VIDEO] In Their Words: An Inside Look at Expanding a State-of-the-Art Coffee Plant

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When Royal Cup first sat down with Stellar to discuss its expansion project, it had bold aspirations and high expectations. The Birmingham-based importer and roaster of specialty coffees and fine teas decided to invest in cutting-edge manufacturing updates to keep pace with its growing consumer base and sales.

“To do a project of this magnitude, you really need to have an expert here involved on the day-to-day, with their fingers in the project,” said Bill Smith, Royal Cup’s president.